Trail Rating

During checkout you will be asked to rate your desired off road risk level.  This will help us better plan organized trail runs designed to accommodate all skill and vehicle levels.  Regardless of your skill or risk level, you will receive assistance when needed, and no one gets left behind.  As always, all vehicles will require a tech inspection as part of the check-in.  Here are the tech inspection requirements.
Risk/Skill Rating:

Easy – mostly stock vehicle, open differentials.  Most of the trail will not require 4wd.





Moderate- recommend 31 to 33″ tires, bumpers.  4Lo required for most of trail.  Rocks/ledges/mud holes get bigger and there is risk of body damage.




Hard – recommend front and rear lockers, 35″ tires, rock sliders, bumpers, winch.  Larger rocks/ledges with more technical sections.  Body damage likely.